This Is How I Lost Over 45kg

This Is How I Lost Over 45kg — Without Going on a Diet

This Is How I Lost Over 45kg — Without “Going on a Diet”

Have you ever imagine that you are eating anything that you like and the best part is you are not gaining an inch of extra fat. How would you feel? Everyone thinks the way you are thinking but, most of us have to wake up to a mundane “diet”.But you can actually practice a few things like the way I did and have lost weight without even dieting. Well, go through the blog where I will be sharing the best-kept secrets for weight loss.

  • The first thing that you should do as I did is to chew thoroughly and even slower. Several research has stated that the one who eats faster are more likely to be obese.
  • Make sure to minimize the plates of unhealthy food. It is just a trick which says a smaller plate may help you eat less and thereby making the portions look larger.
  • If you also want to lose weight without going on a diet, you should eat a lot of protein. The reason is protein has a powerful effect on appetite. It can also increase the feelings of fullness, thereby reducing hunger and helping you eat fewer calories.
  • The next thing that I did and would recommend you to do is to eat fiber-rich, which may increase satiety and even help you feel fuller for longer. There is one type of viscous fiber that is particularly helpful for weight loss. It perfectly increases the fullness and reduces food intake, thereby ensuring weight loss.
  • If you want to lose weight as I did, you should also during a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. The study suggested that one who drinks water 30 minutes before a meal can reduce hunger and even lessen the calorie intake.
  • The most important thing that you need to sleep well and even avoid stress. Having chronic sleep deprivation and stress can increase your risk of several diseases and can even include type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The Conclusion

Joe Bitton has come up with a new practice which you can use if you want to lose weight even without even a proper diet. But, the practice would be more valuable if a proper diet can be taken. To know more about health and fitness and even about fat burning, you can visit the site and even read the blogs properly.

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